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A Typical Day at Silvan Safari Lodge: Silvan Safari Blog


By Nigel Ridge on
February 22, 2022

As you might guess, a typical day at Silvan Safari features as much safari as possible! But there's even more to look forward to. 

Here's what you can expect from a stay at Silvan Safari in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to resting your head on the pillow at night...

Silvan Safari Lodge - one of our favourite lodges in the Greater Kruger

World's Leading Luxury Lodge 2020, Silvan Safari is a masterpiece 

Rise and Shine 

The phone rings. You're still half asleep, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and wondering who would be calling at this hour. You're greeted with a friendly: "Good morning! This is your wake-up call". 

Suíte Knobthorn, Silvan Safari, Reserva Sabi Sand

It might be tempting to sleep in when you stay in a suite like this, but adventure awaits

Perhaps you wish you could sleep that extra hour. But instead, you get out of bed to throw open the curtains. And you're greeted with the most beautiful sunrise in the east. So, this is why one gets up so early on safari! 

Once you're awake and ready, you head on over to the main deck for a coffee before departing on your early morning safari. Although that first coffee or tea is vital in helping you wake up, it's really to give you a moment to pause and drink in the view of the sun rising over the Manyeleti River, a birdsong chorus as the backtrack. 

Off to See the Wild

With the anticipation building for the upcoming safari, your ranger escorts you to the vehicle for the main event. What will the drive have in store for us today? Only time will tell!  

Lions on a game drive at Silvan

Get up close and personal with wildlife at Silvan

Every single game drive and day is so different, which is why you never want to miss even just one! Never mind how much you want to stay cocooned in your bed! You may see the elusive leopard, the mighty elephant or the elegant giraffe. Then there are the beautiful birds painting the sky with a flurry of colour, and the unique trees and landscapes are enough to keep your attention.

Stopping for that bush coffee is always a highlight on a morning safari. As is tradition on safari, you add a dash of Amarula (a creamy African liqueur) to warm you up for the day of adventure. As you sip your sweet, creamy coffee, you watch the hippos wallow in the water and the fish eagles soar above.

Breakfast is Served

You head back to the lodge, heart full. A breakfast spread served on the deck overlooking the river awaits you, your butler ready to serve your every need.

Silvan Safari breakfast on the deck in Sabi Sand

You can expect a breakfast spread fit for royalty on a typical day at Silvan Safari

After breakfast, you have some leisure time to do whatever you feel like. You can go for a refreshing dip in the pool, sweat it out in the gym, or unwind with a spa treatment. Our spa therapists will put you straight to sleep as they massage you with their magic hands until you feel like soft butter! An afternoon nap after your eventful morning and hearty breakfast will likely also be on your radar at this point. 

Feasting (Again) and G&Ts

Lunch is served, generally with one, maybe two, or even three of our famous gin and tonics prepared by our expert butlers. Trust us when we say that you may end up having more than three!

Before you head back out into the bush, you get to enjoy high tea. A feast of sweet and savoury snacks, with amazing daily baked cakes by our talented chefs. It hits the spot every time! 

Your butler prepares a 'sippy cup' filled with another drink of your choice so you can keep the party going on safari. After all, you're on holiday! 

High tea at Silvan Safari. Foto; Silvan Safari

A delectable high tea at Silvan Safari will be another highlight of your day

Sunset Safari Scenes

The afternoon safari departs, and the anticipation again grows as to what will happen on this drive. After some great sightings, it's definitely time for (another) drink. 

Your ranger picks one of the best spots to view the most beautiful sunsets you will see in the west. Your ranger and tracker serve a gin and tonic, maybe a crisp white wine or even a beer to accompany the beautiful scenery around you. 

Silvan Butlers pouring drinks on a game drive.

Sundowners are a highlight on any typical day at Silvan Safari

This is when stories are shared, and everyone reflects on a fantastic day out in the bush. On the way back, you may want to look up and gaze at the beautiful stars in the sky. There's nothing like it, and it seems to shine brighter here than anywhere else in the world! 

Dining Under the Stars 

Arriving back, you will be greeted with a smile from the host and escorted to a delectable dinner in the Zimba River, or perhaps the beautiful fairy-lit forest. Special occasion? You could enjoy a special surprise dinner set up in your room for you and your loved one.

The perfect honeymoon is one in Africa

Dining under the stars in one of the most romantic settings on earth

At Silvan Safari, we'll always pull out all the stops to ensure your experience is one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We strive to create memories you will cherish for a lifetime. After all, we're here to ensure that every minute you spend with us is an experience like no other!

That's what a typical day at Silvan is like in a nutshell – magical.

Romantic outdoor dinner at Silvan Safari

Magical moments are what a typical day at Silvan Safari is made of

Come Create Memories at Silvan Safari 

Does a typical day at Silvan sound like a dream? It is! Contact a Rhino Africa Travel Expert to get planning, and we'll see you soon!

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