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African Travel in March


March 1, 2022

The new year is up and running! Some of you may have been on top of things and mapped out your travel plans for the year ahead. Others may be going with the flow and seeing what opportunities present themselves. Whatever kind of traveller you are, a helping hand always comes in handy. So, without further ado, here are our top destinations and places to stay for African travel in March.

1. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Afrikas Naturwunder werden Sie verzaubern: Victoria-Fälle

Victoria Falls is one of Africa's most enchanting natural wonders

The world's largest cascading body of water, Victoria Falls, is a breathtaking sight. Known locally as 'Mosi-oa-Tunya', the name translates to "The Smoke That Thunders" because of the rising cloud of mist created by the falls. 

The Zambezi River, which feeds the falls, fluctuates throughout the year, dependent on rainfall. This creates a seasonality to the falls themselves. High water levels typically occur from February through to June, with incredible water volumes seen during this time. Seeing this Natural Wonder of the World in full flow is a highlight for any African explorer.

Our Favourite Property: Royal Chundu Island Lodge

Royal Chundu Island Villa

Royal Chundu Island Villas are poised at the Zambezi's edge, Image Credit: Royal Chundu

Zambia's first Relais & Châteaux property, Royal Chundu Island Lodge, is set on the private island of Katombora on the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls. This jewel of the Zambezi exudes tranquility, exclusivity and privacy while showcasing the finest that the region has to offer.

Four spacious remote villas, set between baobabs and 2000-year-old Jackalberry trees, feature an open-air riverfront bath and a large private deck. Activities are abundant with a wide range of water-based adventures on offer to guests, as well as a multitude of opportunities to take in the incredible scenery in style.

2. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Lion growling at Londolozii

The Kruger National Park provides breathtaking wildlife experiences, Image Credit: Londolozi

The Kruger National Park is among southern Africa's most famous Big 5 safari destinations, and for good reason. Few destinations can guarantee the kinds of sightings and experiences that the Kruger does so consistently.

If a luxury safari experience is on your menu, then look no further than the private concessions along Kruger's borders. They offer a buffet of mouth-watering selections to choose from, each with its own style, character and unique flavour. This is undoubtedly the place to take an African safari to the next level…

Our Favourite Property: Dulini River Lodge

Views from a Dulini River Lodge suite

The views from each of the suites' private decks is a sight to behold, Image Credit : Dulini River Lodge

Dulini River Lodge offers five-star luxury in a private reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. Hugged by a canopy of giant ebony trees, the suites grace the banks of the seasonal Sand River.

Retreat into one of the six tranquil and inviting washed-wood suites at Dulini, each with a private plunge pool. The romantic charm of the classic safari merges with African tradition to bring you fine dining and delightful proximity to wildlife. Other treasures on-site include the viewing deck, boma, wine cellar, gym, safari shop and friendly staff that are forever attentive.

An adventure beyond the lodge takes you on a game drive, and you can learn a lot from your ranger and local Shangaan tracker's vast knowledge and interpretive skills. They escort you in a fully kitted open safari vehicle, making for wildlife encounters you can only dream of.

3. Serengeti, Tanzania


The Serengeti plays host to one of natures greatest journeys

The Serengeti is on the bucket list of most African explorers, and the opportunity to witness the Great Migration's spectacle fills most of us with excitement. However, many travellers don't realise that it's a year-round event that provides more entertainment than just the famous river crossings.

Early March is precisely one of these times, as it's the calving season. This takes place ahead of the long rains that trigger the mass movement towards the Mara. The herds gather in the Ndutu region in the southern Serengeti, and calves are born in huge numbers. As they do throughout the Migration, predators follow and take advantage of the opportunities presented. And as you'd expect, this results in a never-ending stream of drama and sightings that make this one of the best places to be for African travel in March.

Our Favourite Property: Sanctuary Kusini Camp


Kusini Camp blends perfectly into its Serengeti surroundings, Image Credit: Sanctuary Retreats

Placed in a carefully selected location after extensive research by local guides and experts, Sanctuary Kusini is the only permanent camp in this sector of southern Serengeti. Simply put, there's no better place to be during the calving season in the Serengeti – this prime location gives you a front-row seat to one of nature's greatest spectacles.

With 12 remote tents, you can enjoy plenty of privacy and magnificent views of the plains. Activities here include guided game safaris in search of Africa's most famous wildlife and cosmic safaris dedicated to unveiling the secrets of the night sky.

4. Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Zanzibar's coastline from above: African travel in March

Turquoise waters and sandy beaches await you

Keen for an authentic island experience? While Zanzibar is known for being flat and sand-strewn, neighbouring Pemba Island is the land of cloves and mangoes and hillocks lush with fruit and spice trees. Traditional dhows lie scattered across most of the coastline and fishing is a large part of Pemba’s culture.

Like many of the islands in the archipelago, Pemba’s culture has been influenced by Arab traders from Oman and the original inhabitants who have lived on the island for centuries. Pemba has long been known as the "Green Island", where crops such as coconut, bananas, and cassava flourish. The island is surrounded with warm, turquoise waters renowned for some of the best diving and snorkelling in the whole archipelago thanks to its steep drop-offs, undisturbed marine life, and colourful coral reefs.

Our Favourite Property: The Manta Resort

One-of-a-kind island accommodation: The Manta Resort - one of the places for African travel in March

One-of-a-kind island accommodation, Image credit: The Manta Resort

Welcome to a true barefoot paradise! Pemba has kept daily life far from the fast lane and there's no better place to experience it but at The Manta Resort.

Whether it’s the seafront villas or the garden rooms where the ocean can be glimpsed through trees, you'll find relaxation in these rustic abodes. For an ultimate water adventure, stay in the underwater room, a floating paradise whose bedroom sits four metres below sea level, allowing you to observe the surrounding sea life from the comfort of your bed.

Make the Most of African Travel in March!

African travel in March offers opportunities to enjoy unique experiences that go far beyond a classic safari. If you're ready to explore, our team of African Travel Experts are on-hand to get the ball rolling. If you're planning further ahead, why not look at our African Travel Calendar to decide the perfect time to visit your ideal destination.

Contact us to bring your African dream to life.

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