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POV: You’re Going on a Luxury Safari


By Marlin Clark on January 20, 2023

A luxury safari in Africa is an experience like no other. Just imagine being in the middle of the vast savannah teeming with wildlife, venturing out on game drives and guided bush walks to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible animals on our planet. From majestic elephants towering above you to fierce lions and graceful giraffes, there's so much to gape at in wonder. But a luxury safari isn't just about the wildlife – it's also about the opulent accommodations and personalised service that make your trip truly unforgettable. POV: You're going on a luxury safari – and here are some of our favourite snaps to show you what you can expect...


Leopard in a tree on a game drive safari at Londolozi

A luxury safari and incredible wildlife sightings go hand in hand, Image Credit: Londolozi

Spotting a leopard in a tree is a majestic and graceful sight. Although they are famously elusive, you can see many in Southern Africa, especially at Sabi Sand Game Reserve. With their sleek and powerful bodies, these big cats are perfectly adapted to life in the trees. Their spotted coats provide camouflage, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled when on safari! 


Man and woman looking at view from Silvan's pool

A couple admiring the sunset views from Silvan Safari's main deck 

There are many luxury safari lodges in Africa to stay at. One of our personal favourites is Silvan Safari, where you can spend hours just lounging on the spacious decks. Many of the lodges here are specifically designed to give you a view from nearly every room, which even includes your bathtub! Just think of all the incredible Instagram photos you could take...


Bush breakfasts at Silvan Safari

Bush breakfasts are a highlight on your luxury safari in Africa

At our favourite luxury lodges, the staff will set up a feast in the middle of the bush to give you the best setting for your first meal of the day. A private bush breakfast with a personal chef is a truly unique and intimate dining experience you'll cherish forever. And the fresh African air just has a way of making everything taste better!


bush walk activities at Londolozi

Exploring the pristine wilderness on foot, Image Credit: Londolozi

Led by experienced guides, a safari bush walk provides a unique opportunity to see the wildlife and natural beauty of the region up close. What we love about it is that it allows you to notice the smaller details of the bush, from a spoor left by a caracal to the dung beetle crossing your path. With no engine running, you can also hear and smell everything.


See lions in their natural habitat

Majestic lions in their natural habitat, Image Credit: &Beyond

Seeing lions on a safari game drive is sure to be a highlight of any safari trip. It's one of the most requested animals to see on safari for a reason. These powerful and majestic creatures look like they belong in a shampoo commercial with their glossy manes and are a reminder of the incredible beauty and diversity of the African wilderness. Watching their fierce felines hunt is also something for the books.


View of the Sands River from the Private Granite Suites elevated deck

Londolozi’s Private Granite Suites main area, Image Credit: Londolozi

The beautiful Londolozi Private Granite Suites in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a true gem, offering guests a luxury safari experience like no other. It's the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. In fact, we know of a couple of celebrities who have chosen this as their honeymoon destination...


silvan safari exterior main pool

A true oasis of luxury and relaxation at Silvan Safari

Whether you want to swim laps or simply lie back and relax, the pool at Silvan Safari is the perfect place to do so in style. Plus, the pool also offers stunning views of the surrounding area and is famous for being the longest pool in all of Sabi Sand. You might even get some surprise visitors from the wildlife, like our elephants dipping their trunks into the pool for a drink before they continue on.


silvan safari activities game drive wildlife giraffe

Out-of-this-world experiences like this await you in Africa.

When staying at a luxury safari lodge, you'll love your safari guide and tracker. They add a layer of insight and humour, and their expert wildlife-spotting skills make each game drive uniquely memorable.


safari vehicle game drive kwandwee south africa

Experience the beauty and majesty of Africa's wildlife

One of the most iconic and beloved animals that you may encounter on a luxury safari game drive is the elephant. You'll be struck by their incredible size and grace, which has given them the nickname "Gentle Giants". If you visit in summer, you might see some adorable baby ellies trying to find their balance and ever-curious about what us humans get up to.


couple romance on safari

Proposal setting of your dreams

A romantic setting on safari would likely involve a secluded and peaceful location, surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the African wilderness. It's a popular request to set up a romantic proposal setting for guests at luxury safari lodges, and we could not think of anywhere better to pop the question than in the bush with wildlife as your witnesses.


woman standing next to a bathtub outside

Every detail is meticulously curated just for you, Image Credit: Londolozi

We told you that even the bathtubs have views... Now imagine soaking in a tub with a glass of bubbly, surrounded by the beauty of the African wilderness. The sound of birds chirping and animals nearby create a magical atmosphere that will have you smiling from ear to ear. That's pure luxury!


Feel like you're on top of the world, Image Credit: Phinda Private Game Reserve

End your day with sundowners in a special setting lit by lanterns. This will be one of your favourite parts of the day, and as day slips into night, an entirely different wildlife cast comes out to play. If you stay at a private game reserve, you can stay out after dark to continue your game drive and see what nocturnal animals emerge from the bushes.


disembark a jet plane on safari

The perfect luxury way to travel in style

When you're travelling to the wilderness that is Africa's bush, you don't have to rough it. We believe our guests should always travel in style, and our luxury fly-in safaris will deliver you right to the private airstrips close to your safari lodge. Bonus: your safari starts early as you can see if you can spot any wildlife from the sky!

Come and Experience a Luxury Safari in Africa

Family holiday, special birthday celebration, planning to propose or just looking for a romantic escape? Whatever the occasion, if you're looking for the ultimate luxury holiday, look no further than Africa.

Our continent is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife in the world. And a luxury safari is an experience you'll never forget! Our Travel Experts are ready to tailor-make your dream safari. Contact us today, and let's start planning.

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