May 27

Dear Aussies: Why You, Too, Should Travel to Kruger National Park

May 27, 2023

You live for the holidays, ay? And now that they’re fast coming up, you’re thinking, what's the next big thing when it comes to holiday destinations? Well, mate, Aussies are flocking to South Africa’s Big 5 mecca for a safari break, and you don't want to miss out on the fun! Here’s why you, too, should travel to Kruger National Park

Kruger beckons

Kruger National Park beckons you for a slow-paced holiday 

Kruger’s a Fair Dinkum Safari Experience

So, you’ve got those leave days banked, and you’re ready for a well-deserved break. Good onya! You deserve it. And there’s nowhere better on Earth to kick back and have a good rest than sunny South Africa’s safari haven, Kruger National Park. Time seems to slow down when you’re on safari. With long days and plenty of time to spend as you please. 

We defo recommend you stay at the private game reserves in the Greater Kruger National Park. These are basically little exclusive pockets that still have access to all the wildlife (unfenced) but where you get the VIP treatment. 

This means there are no day visitors, the number of game drive vehicles out at a time is limited, your guide can drive off-road to get a close-up of the wildlife, and you can stay out after dark for a night safari. Oh, and not to mention exciting activities like walking safaris! 

Sunset views in Kruger: How Luxury African Travel Has Changed – For The Better!

Booking your dream safari with us has never been easier

Why Travel to Kruger National Park?

Just picture a leisurely day of safari activities, lounging by the pool, and sipping on an ice-cold tinny, ending the day with sharing stories around the bush telly and staring at the glittering night sky. 

You’ll have heaps of fun in Kruger. Here’s why it’s a favourite holiday destination.

It’s a Year-Round Destination

Worried your holiday won’t match up with the best time to go on safari? Don’t worry! The good news is that Kruger is really a year-round destination and each season brings its own highlights. 

Adorable lion cubs playing

When you visit Kruger in summer, you can look forward to seeing newborn animals

Incredible Wildlife Sightings

Kruger has one of the highest wildlife densities in Africa. Of course, there’s the famous Big 5 you can’t wait to see in real life! But there are so many more fascinating species to gawk at…but that’s enough to fill a whole other blog! 

Great for Families

Travelling with your relos? It can be tricky to find a destination that ticks all the boxes so everyone’s having a good time and not getting into each other’s hair! The great news is that Kruger is perfect for families. The little ankle biters can be whisked off on an eventful day learning more about the bush with age-appropriate activities while you and the missus can get some quality time alone. 

Wilderness Playground: un safari familiar en África y qué esperar

A Kruger family safari of your (and their!) dreams

Easy to Get to (via Johannesburg)

Take it easy, mate. You’re on holiday. No need to rush around in the airport to make connecting flights and juggle different transfers. You’d be surprised how easy it is to travel to Kruger. Simply get a flight to Johannesburg International Airport! 

Plus, there are daily flights from the airport to the private lodges around Kruger. We can organise a transfer flight that takes you straight to the airstrips outside your luxury lodge! So the fun can begin immediately, and you can skip any 4x4 bumpy rides. 

Seamless luxury safaris is what we specialise in at Rhino Africa

Seamless luxury safaris is what we specialise in at Rhino Africa

Luxurious Accommodation

Enjoy the finer things in life while on holiday? Then Kruger’s the way to go. You’ve got some seriously luxe home-away-from-homes here! We’re talking all the bells and whistles you can imagine and MORE.

You can also book a lodge for exclusive use, so you have a dedicated team at your beck and call to cook, clean, mind the kids…AND you get to decide what you want to do when setting the pace for your day as you please. And no sharing anything with any other guests. Yes, please! And a multi-generational family safari is simply the best way to bond and still enjoy some time away from each other. 

Exclusive-use Lion Sands Ivory Lodge Fish Eagle Villa

Your exclusive-use luxury home in Kruger could look like this, Image Credit: Lion Sands Ivory Sands Fish Eagle Villa

It’s Time to Hit the Frog and Toad to Africa! 

Go on, give it a go! We'll take a punt on it that you’ll want to be back again next year…

And no need to worry about the logistics. Our team of African Travel Experts will chat to you about what you love, hate, and everything in between. Then, they’ll tailor-make the once-in-a-lifetime Kruger safari experience of your dreams! It’s as easy as that. Plus, since we’ve travelled all over our continent and call it home, we have all the first-hand insights you need to take your holiday from good to a bloody ripper of a trip! 

Let's start planning today. See you on safari, mate!

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