November 24

The Cape Winelands is a World of Excellence

November 24, 2023

The Cape Winelands in South Africa is making a name for itself as a wine capital alongside Bordeaux in France, Adelaide in Australia, Verona in Italy, and Napa Valley in the United States. Here's a taste of why our country's "nectar of the gods" is all the rage…

The Waterkloof Wine Estate in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

The Waterkloof Wine Estate in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.

Blending the Best of the Best 

Numerous wine estates in the Cape Winelands area received accolades at the annual Best of Wine Tourism Awards, ranging from the top restaurant and service to art and architecture.

These wine farms set the benchmark of excellence at an international scale and embody the "spirit of innovation, sustainability, and commitment to excellence". Here are some of our favourites that made the list.

Wine Tourism Restaurant – Jordan

Situated between mountains and vineyards, The Jordan Restaurant is a signature restaurant of the Cape Winelands. Using only fresh, local ingredients, Chef Marthinus Ferreira offers a contemporary farm-style experience with his seasonal menu. Yes, exceptional food and award-winning wine are all we need!

As you treat your taste buds, your eyes can enjoy the views of flourishing gardens, tranquil ponds, and the picturesque Stellenbosch mountains. Everything at Jordan is superb, and you'll drink in every detail (and drop!).

And while you're there, we highly recommend spending a night or two at Jordan's luxury villas, the ideal accommodation for your Cape Winelands escape.

Tucked away close to the winery, restaurant and bakery, Jordan Luxury Suite

Your Jordan Luxury Suite is situated near the winery, restaurant and bakery, Image Credit: Jordan Wine Estate

Wine Tourism Services – Creation Wines

Amid the wine region of Walker Bay is the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, directly translated as "Heaven and Earth Valley". Aptly named, we'd say, for as you drive up the valley from Hermanus, the winding road is flanked by gorgeous mountains and vineyards until you reach Creation Wines.

Visitors often praise the staff at Creation Wines as friendly, outstanding, and attentive. They have numerous tasting options on offer to suit every palate, and if you still don't know which wines to try, the staff will be happy to guide you through their range to help you choose.

This state-of-the-art winery (quite literally) is vibrant, unique, and authentic. This year, they also walked away as the winner of the Art and Culture category.

Created by the gifted sculptor, Nanette Ranger

This creation was crafted by the gifted sculptor Nanette Ranger, Image Credit: Creation Wines

Art and Culture – Creation Wines

Creation Wines periodically showcases the artwork of leading South African artists. In 2023, the art exhibition "Equilibrium" was launched by sculptor Nanette Ranger and photographer Sean Ranger to encapsulate "the pursuit of balance amidst the oscillating motion of a world in flux".

"Transformative experiences are what our guests are looking for, and nature is the very inspiration and innovation that is Creation," says Carolyn Martin, Creation Creative's Director.

Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices – Vergelegen

Vergelegen is no stranger to awards in its 300-year history. This expansive estate is a favourite destination for locals and international visitors alike. Stroll through the meticulously manicured gardens, over lush lawns, below towering trees, beside streams, and through the fragrant rose garden.

The wine estate prides itself on respecting the land, people, and community. Therefore, they've implemented various efforts to help combat climate change. For example, they're reducing carbon emissions, using renewable energy solutions, and opting for nature-based solutions in the vineyards while recycling and upcycling.

Over the past two decades, they've worked to eradicate alien plant species and control micropests using indigenous insects. The estate even had longer poles planted between vineyards for raptor bird species. Vergelegen is dedicated to farming sustainably and carefully using minimal chemicals and pesticides.

With this meticulous attention to detail in mind, who wouldn't expect award-winning wine of the highest calibre? Just remember that they have many different tastings, so be sure to plan ahead so you don't feel rushed.

Vergelegen Manor House in South Africa

Vergelegen Manor House in South Africa

Wine Through the Vineyards in Luxury

South Africa is home to more than 20 wine routes, each with its own personality, terroir and experiences. And, as with the best in wine, you can expect the best in accommodation, with the area offering spectacular properties to welcome you in sheer luxury.

Does a Cape Winelands getaway sound like the escape you need? Reach out to our Travel Experts, who'll happily guide you through the various possibilities and options. 

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