by Jennifer Southwell on May 24, 2017
3 min read


  • Africa is a rather unique and peculiar place
Baobab trees landscape madagascar
  • We like to revel in the eccentricities it has to offer

Image credit: David Brossard

  • As well as ogle at its cute animals
Cute Lion cub in tree smiling

Image Credit: Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge

  • You start to become a tree-hugger after a while
A squirrel at the foot of a tree

Image credit: Kurt Bauschardt

  • But you’re not the only one
Leopard in tree

Image Credit: Jamala Madikwe

  • The traffic jams are… different
nguni cows in the road
  • And quite difficult to manoeuvre at times
Cheetah in the road

Image Credit: Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge

  • Pro tip: Don’t leave your windows open
Giraffes peeking into car window
  • Try to stay in your car for that matter
Man outside of car elephant behind him

Photo Credit: Karen Vermaak

A lion on road

Image credit: Anthony Parkes

  • There’s always room for someone in need
Kids on the back of a truck bakkie
  • And a bit more space for your luggage
overpacked taxi
  • Sometimes both
  • The signs are… informative
funny sign
  • And unique
Elephant crossing sign

Image credit: Uwe Aranas

  • It can sometimes get crowded
Buffalo aerial view

Image Credit: Linyanti Bush Camp

  • But thankfully there are wide open spaces to compensate
mountains aerial view

Image Credit: Ngama Tented Safari Lodge

  • There are many ways to explore Africa: You can take a mokoro
Mokoro boat ride

Image Credit: Linyanti Bush Camp

  • A balloon
hot air balloon safari
  • A boat cruise
Boat cruise elephant

Image Credit: Kings Pool Camp

  • Perhaps even a horse

Image Credit: Equitrekking

  • You can even take a leisurely stroll if you prefer
Bush Walk

Image Credit: Tom’s little hide

  • The views are diverse
Elephants in water below full moon

Image Credit: Linyati Bush Camp.

  • And captivating
starry night sky

Image Credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp

  • Sleeping outside is now a luxury
Sleep out deck

Image Credit: Lion Sands

  • And you’re actually starting to enjoy camping
elephant in front of camp

Image Credit: Honeyguide Mantobeni

  • As long as you can do it in style
camping in style

Image Credit: The Hide Safari Camp Room

  • Sunsets are important in Africa
sunset elephants

Image Credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp

  • But not as important as sundowners
Sundowners drinks

Image Credit: Kanga Camp

  • Don’t worry, a plan is always made to get that drink, wherever you may be
sundowners game vehicle

Image Credit: Tom’s little hide

  • Eating is… an experience
Dinner under a acacia tree

Image Credit: Tswalu Turkuni Lodge

  • You meet some interesting creatures at the dining table
giraffe breakfast

Image Credit: Giraffe Manor

  • Dinners are usually accompanied by fire and boundless skies

Image credit: Mapito Tented Camp

  • The crackling of a fire and the laugh of your loved ones is probably a better way to bond than watching another rerun of ‘Frasier’ (no judgement, I’m on the 7th round)
Dinner by camp fire

Image Credit: Mapito Tented Camp

  • Ahhh… just another tough day in Africa
elephant sunset river dam

Image Credit: Linkwasha Camp

*Header Image: Mfuwe Lodge.