May 24

Only in Africa…


May 24, 2017


  • Africa is a rather unique and peculiar place

Baobab trees landscape madagascar

  • We like to revel in the eccentricities it has to offer
Image credit: David Brossard
  • As well as ogle at its cute animals
Cute Lion cub in tree smiling
Image Credit: Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge
  • You start to become a tree-hugger after a while
A squirrel at the foot of a tree
Image credit: Kurt Bauschardt
  • But you’re not the only one
Leopard in tree
Image Credit: Jamala Madikwe
  • The traffic jams are… different

nguni cows in the road

  • And quite difficult to manoeuvre at times
Cheetah in the road
Image Credit: Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge
  • Pro tip: Don’t leave your windows open

Giraffes peeking into car window

  • Try to stay in your car for that matter
Man outside of car elephant behind him
Photo Credit: Karen Vermaak
A lion on road
Image credit: Anthony Parkes
  • There’s always room for someone in need

Kids on the back of a truck bakkie

  • And a bit more space for your luggage

overpacked taxi

  • Sometimes both

  • The signs are… informative

funny sign

  • And unique
Elephant crossing sign
Image credit: Uwe Aranas
  • It can sometimes get crowded
Buffalo aerial view
Image Credit: Linyanti Bush Camp
  • But thankfully there are wide open spaces to compensate
mountains aerial view
Image Credit: Ngama Tented Safari Lodge
  • There are many ways to explore Africa: You can take a mokoro
Mokoro boat ride
Image Credit: Linyanti Bush Camp
  • A balloon

hot air balloon safari

  • A boat cruise
Boat cruise elephant
Image Credit: Kings Pool Camp
  • Perhaps even a horse
Image Credit: Equitrekking
  • You can even take a leisurely stroll if you prefer
Bush Walk
Image Credit: Tom’s little hide
  • The views are diverse
Elephants in water below full moon
Image Credit: Linyati Bush Camp.
  • And captivating
starry night sky
Image Credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp
  • Sleeping outside is now a luxury
Sleep out deck
Image Credit: Lion Sands
  • And you’re actually starting to enjoy camping
elephant in front of camp
Image Credit: Honeyguide Mantobeni
  • As long as you can do it in style
camping in style
Image Credit: The Hide Safari Camp Room
  • Sunsets are important in Africa
sunset elephants
Image Credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp
  • But not as important as sundowners
Sundowners drinks
Image Credit: Kanga Camp
  • Don’t worry, a plan is always made to get that drink, wherever you may be
sundowners game vehicle
Image Credit: Tom’s little hide
  • Eating is… an experience
Dinner under a acacia tree
Image Credit: Tswalu Turkuni Lodge
  • You meet some interesting creatures at the dining table
giraffe breakfast
Image Credit: Giraffe Manor
  • Dinners are usually accompanied by fire and boundless skies
Image credit: Mapito Tented Camp
  • The crackling of a fire and the laugh of your loved ones is probably a better way to bond than watching another rerun of ‘Frasier’ (no judgement, I’m on the 7th round)
Dinner by camp fire
Image Credit: Mapito Tented Camp
  • Ahhh… just another tough day in Africa
elephant sunset river dam
Image Credit: Linkwasha Camp

*Header Image: Mfuwe Lodge.


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Jennifer Southwell

Jennifer is happiest when life is filled with good gin, strong coffee and great adventure. She makes leather bags and rock climbs for fun and relishes in life's little peculiarities. She is passionate about Africa and its animals and has been lucky enough to have been to the most amazing safari destinations such as Moremi, Okavango and Kalahari in Botswana as well as Kafue and South Luangwa in Zambia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Give her a gin and tonic in the heart of the bush and she will reach maximum level bliss.

  • My husband and I are Bushbabies from SA. Having been to most of the Southern African countries…by road…..camping in Moz,Malawi, Tanz, Zambia, Zim, Nam, Lesotho and we feel like we ve only just begun….so much to see….so little time!

    • Wonderful Cynthia! Africa has so much to offer, the opportunities are endless! Glad to hear that you travel in your own country! Many locals never get the chance to explore their own homeland!

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