by Matthew Sterne on December 5, 2007
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Photo: Myself, Gareth and Jono in the Devil’s Pool

People sometimes think I am crazy when I tell them I have a pretty defined set of goals and objectives I would like to achieve during my lifetime, so you can imagine the looks I get when I rattle off my list of the top 50 things I want to do before I die.

While I still have some way to go, I have been extremely fortunate to realize a number of my Top 10 already, including walking with the Lemurs in Madagascar, Tracking Gorillas in Rwanda, visiting the top of the Alps to see Mont Blanc (granted I took the cable-car up Aguille du Midi), visiting Stonetown in Zanzibar and photographing wild dog in Savuti.

So on a recent trip to Vic Falls, I jumped at the opportunity to walk across the back of the falls and swim in the “Devils Pool”.   The Devils Pool is a small pool on the rim of the horse-shoe falls that allows you to lean over the edge watching the water fall towards the boiling pot below – the pictures should give you a pretty good idea.

Having always visited the falls in high season, (Jan through Aug) this activity has never been possible, so when we arrived in Vic Falls last week to find the water levels low enough to partake in this activity, naturally we jumped at it.

Photo: Nicci looking over the Horsehoe Falls

The walk commences on the Zambian side of the falls, and takes a good two to three hours.  If you staying at any of the Zambian or Vic Falls hotels, your concierge will be more than happy to arrange accredited guides to take you on the tour.  There are various options available, depending on your budget, from the basic tour, which includes the guided walk and swim, a bottle of water and a beer or soft drink to celebrate (US $ 35 per person) to the full Monty that includes breakfast or lunch on Livingstone Island.


With one and half legs, I managed the trip quite easily, and the reward of swimming on the very edge of the falls more than makes up for the slippery rocks, and “rock jumping” that is required to get you across to Livingstone Island.


Photo: Billy the office Mermaid

So if you reasonably fit, looking for a life changing adventure, that doesn’t require being thrown off a bridge attached to an elastic band, and just happen to be visiting Vic Falls between Sep and Dec, then pack yourself a decent pair of walking shoes, and join the adventure, I guarantee it will be something you will talk about till the day you die.

Of course as Victoria Falls Experts, you could leave all your arrangements to one of the Rhino Africa Experts, that will tailor-make your Vic Falls holiday around your specific requirements, just contact us.

Happy travels ….