by Ash Hooper on July 10, 2017
4 min read

Namibia is a spectacular destination for travellers in search of wild adventures and for those who like life in the slow lane. Those that have encountered its charm can’t get enough of the striking landscape, strange silence, and crimson colour palette that this dramatic country offers.

Add these nine adventures to your bucket list and get going, before the rest of the travelling world find out about this magnificent country and want to jump in your hot air balloon, too!

Sossusvlei dunes
  1. Hike through the Fish River Canyon

Keen to hike through a 500 million-year-old canyon? It won’t crumble, don’t worry. Not only is the scenery breathtaking but the Fish River Canyon is also one of the most arid zones in the world with an impressive diversity of species. You’ll be completely immersed in the authenticity of the mighty outdoors on this five-day hike where no watch is needed, just a trusty pair of boots.

Fish River Canyon

2. Become an adrenaline junkie in Swakopmund

If you don’t yet have a wild side, a stay in Swakopmund is sure to bring it out. This coastal city has many tricks up its sleeve. From quad biking through the desert to sandboarding down dunes and even paragliding above a million little specks of life, it’s not called “the adventure capital of Namibia” for nothing.

Sandboarding in Namibia

Photo credit: Luke Price

3. Explore Etosha 

With over 31 vegetation zones, Etosha attracts countless herds of elephant, zebra, and wildebeest and is home to endangered black and white rhino. Keep your eyes on the lookout for lions, leopards, cheetahs, and a thriving bird population, too. A safari in Etosha National Park is sure to be exhilarating and crowd-free, the ideal combination.

Etosha National Park

Photo credit: Ben McRae / Alamy

4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a scenic flight over the Skeleton Coast

Soar above Namibia’s shoreline littered with shipwrecks. Look down on steep dunes that dive into the waves as well as colonies of Cape fur seals along the eerily desolate Skeleton Coast. The scenery is striking and seeing it all from above offers travellers a truly unique perspective.

Skeleton Coast as seen from above

Photo credit: Marzia Franceschini

5. Witness wild horses

Travellers are constantly in search of unspoilt natural environments, authentic encounters, and an experience that will last a lifetime. Seeing wild, free, and untamed horses roaming the land has got to be one of the most wonderfully unique experiences out there. Travel to Aus to see these free roaming beauties in their natural element.

Wild horses grazing

6. Dart up Dune 45

Dune 45 is most desired as an ideal sunset spot. You can get there by 4×4 and then photograph your way to the top of the dune in time for a well-deserved rest after your sandy stroll. Dune 45 is along the Sossusvlei road and is roughly 150m above the neighbouring plains. It’s the perfect opportunity for time out to reflect back on your adventurous day whilst the sun slips away.

Sossusvlei Dune 45

7. Self-drive or fly-in

How do you go about these epic adventures might you ask? Well, Namibia is an exceptional self-drive destination with plenty of open space, empty roads, and dreamy road-trip-worthy routes to explore. If you’re tight for time then a simple fly-in option is highly recommended, it’s ultra-luxurious, too!


8. Encounter Damaraland’s desert-adapted rhinos

Damaraland is a haven for desert-adapted wildlife as well as a great destination for travellers eager to visit the petrified forest, see Bushmen engravings, and encounter Namibia’s highest mountain. Back to the wildlife side, though, travellers can spot the impressive desert-adapted elephant, lion, rhino, and other wildlife.

Damaraland's rhinos

Three lions drinking from the waterhole

9. Balloon ride over the Namib

If this isn’t already on your bucket list, then make sure you add it. A hot air balloon ride is already a magnificent experience but when it’s accompanied by striking scenes of burnt orange dunes rolling into the distance then ballooning has been taken to the next level.

Hot air balloon ride in Namibia

While other parts of Southern Africa certainly draw in crowds thanks to its irresistible attractions, Namibia remains off the typical tourist track. Before the word gets out, go and explore the expansive Namib desert, fun-filled coast, and the unique wildlife. Did we mention that it’s common practice to sleep under a sky full of stars? There’s no doubt that this is a dreamy destination.


If you are desperate to dart up the mighty dunes then chat to one of our consultants and they’ll let you in on even more hidden gems.