March 31

10 Things To Do During Self-Isolation


By Tania de Kock on March 31, 2020


Please note that this blog post was written in March 2020. For the latest travel updates, please visit our Travel with Confidence pages.

We are all in this together. Covid-19 might’ve caused our lives to go at a different pace at the moment, but we should see the time we have to ourselves as a blessing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top 10 things to do during self-isolation to entertain and inspire you.

Comment below if you have any to add to our list!

1. Watch LIVE footage from Africa!

Go on a safari from the comfort of your home and watch animals go about their business in these live webcams.

2. Browse our Dream Safari Video Playlist

What better way to imagine that you are on safari right now than by watching our curated playlist of the best video content from Africa. The one below is one of our favourites from this list. Watch and start dreaming!

3. Watch Wildlife Documentaries

Get your favourite snacks, dim the lights and let Sir David Attenborough‘s voice take you to the most magical places on our planet. Here are 10 of the best wildlife documentaries out there.

David Attenborough Poster Quote

4. Listen to Safari Sounds

Part of what makes a safari so special is the chorus of sounds in the wild. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to some of our favourite sounds here.

5. Take a Quiz

Which Lion King character are you? How well do you know your whales? Test your knowledge about Africa here.

6. Listen to our Africa Playlist

Cue the goosebumps! We’ve compiled our very own playlist to listen to during self-isolation. Sit back, relax and listen to Africa’s iconic songs.

7. Learn a New Language

Why not learn a new African language to prepare you for when you can visit Africa again? Learn a few phrases and read about South Africa’s 11 official languages and who speaks them here. 

8. Read Books About Africa

Reminisce about our beautiful continent by reading some of our favourite books. We’ve compiled a list for you here.

9. Watch Our Favourite African Films

From Out of Africa to Invictus, there are so many films inspired by and filmed in Africa. Grab the popcorn, it’s movie night!

10. Experience Africa Through Our ‘Postcards from Africa’ Travel Tales

Follow us this way to read about our team’s adventures in Africa to inspire your next trip.

Sunset at the pool at Tintswalo Atlantic in Hout Bay
Unforgettable sunsets. Credit: Tintswalo Atlantic

We can’t wait to reunite you with Africa

In the meantime,  join us on our Our Home Safari for more entertainment during self-isolation.



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