October 1

Step Into Each of the Silvan Safari Suites


October 1, 2021

Each of the six Silvan Safari suites offers luxury accommodation, ample space and exquisite river views. Each pod’s private plunge pool is perfectly positioned for you to gaze out, cocktail in hand, as wildlife meander along the riverbed below.

Inspired by the surrounding trees, the Silvan Safari suites mirror their size and stature, providing plenty of space and light. Each pod also has its unique design and décor inspiration, which means that no two suites are alike! The spirit of the trees reflects throughout the lodge, with our bee-eater birds making frequent appearances. You won’t find grander safari suites than these, embracing space, comfort and opulence in excess.


Silvan’s second suite takes its inspiration from the Cassia tree featuring rich golden yellow and deep green tones. It is affectionately known as the golden rain tree for its striking yellow flowers that ignite the African bush in summer.

Silvan Cassia Suite
Cassia suite reflects the attention to design shown throughout Silvan.

The bright and inviting hue of this tree complements the suite’s unique design elements and original layout. Layered copper artworks adorn the walls with our friendly bee-eater making their cameo appearances to add to the picture.

Top Tip: The Cassia suite is one of the best places at Silvan itself to spot a leopard. Our resident female, Tiyani, is most often seen around this suite’s deck.

Leadwood Family Suite

A true African bush icon and the backdrop to Silvan Safari, the Leadwood tree inspired this family suite. With extremely dense hardwood, the Leadwood is a favourite for animals feeding on its leaves and is very popular for building the campfire as it’s known for its intense heat and lasting embers.

The expansive deck of the Leadwood Family Suite is the perfect place for a multi-generational holiday.

The Leadwood Suite’s majestic stone archway is the perfect entrance to greet any guest to this magnificent hideaway. However, the mighty ancient Leadwood tree sprouting through the deck and rooted here for aeons is the true master of this space and utterly mesmerising.

Top Tip: Lucky guests staying in our Leadwood Suite may receive some unexpected thirsty visitors. Elephants passing the lodge have a habit of using the pool to grab a drink on the go.

Kierie Klapper

The Kierie Klapper, also known as the bushwillow, is famed for its copper-coloured seed pods, which inspired this suite’s colour tones and design elements. The rich teal of our bee-eater, a notable winged character frequenting Silvan, also leaves its signature mark.

Suite Kierie Klapper en Silvan Safari, Kruger, Sudáfrica
Kierie Klapper suite takes inspiration from the European Bee-Eater.

We’ve woven different textures and delicately embroidered elements into every corner of this suite. And a collaborative watercolour and ink line drawing adorning the wall feeds the imagination, allowing guests to dream their own story of a duiker browsing the bushwillow’s leaves, lovebirds playfully flitting from branch to branch.

Top Tip: If seclusion is what you long for, then Kierie Klapper is the suite for you. The furthest suite from the Main Lodge, this gorgeous haven has an excellent vantage point of the Manyeleti riverbed. Keep an eye out for the elephant and wild dog using it as a natural pathway.


One of Africa’s famous Acacia tree varietals, the Knobthorn is a slow-growing, deciduous tree found throughout the Sabi Sand. The name comes from the characteristic knobbly bark, which develops as the tree ages, making it easy to identify.

Suite Knobthorn à SIlvan Safari dans la réserve de Sabi Sand, Parc National Kruger
Refined design and decor are key in Knobthorn suite.

The Knobthorn suite is wheelchair-friendly, providing guests easy access to the Main Lodge. The soft grey tones of its bark and the fluffy, delicate, yellow bloom of its flowers feature elegantly throughout the décor and design of the suite. Journey through the Knobthorn and relish in the restorative energy of this sturdy tree.

Top Tip: Bathtime bliss is best in the Knobthorn suite. The floor-to-ceiling window means you can soak in the tub and sip on bubbly while watching elephants stroll by along the Manyeleti.

Blue Guarri

This hardy, evergreen tree, which often goes unnoticed in the bush, lends its spirit to this suite. While the story of the tree is a palpable theme, keep your eyes peeled to find it on your game drive.

Suite Blue Guarri en Silvan Safari, Kruger, Sudáfrica
Blue Guarri suite’s array of subtle hues set a peaceful tone.

The gentle blue-grey tones of this suite, inspired by the Blue Guarri, create a haven of peace and calm. This energy flows seamlessly through the room with the bespoke art being a wonder to behold and the copper glow providing warmth and comfort.

Top Tip: Hidden in a cocoon of leafy trees, Blue Guarri has the most enclosed and private deck area. It is also home to our local Nyala herd, regularly browsing the shrubbery below.

Tree Wisteria

One of Africa’s most strikingly spectacular trees in bloom, the Tree Wisteria has a rounded crown with sweeping foliage cascading towards the floor. The purple-mauve flowers droop from the tree in bunches, often covering the whole tree in a dazzling purple haze.

Suite Tree Wisteria en Silvan Safari, Kruger, Sudáfrica
Tree Wisteria is a burst of colour that replicates its namesake.

Its intense colourings have been painted throughout the Tree Wisteria suite in grand strokes, therefore giving it a fresh and refined feel. With an expansive layout, lavish décor and private plunge pool set tantalisingly at the edge of the deck, this suite is one to savour.

Top Tip: Tree Wisteria has arguably the best view from the pool of any of our suites. If a swim safari is your thing, then you can’t get better than this. Keep an eye on the large termite mound near this suite for our local leopards Tiyani and Ndzutini, often using it as a vantage point.

Come Experience the Silvan Safari Suites

Which of the Silvan Safari suites is your favourite? The only fair way to find out is to try them all! We can’t wait to welcome you to get started or tick off another of our suites on your next visit with us!

If you’re ready to start planning your trip to Silvan Safari, contact our Travel Experts today!

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