September 23

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September 23, 2021

If there ever was a symbol of resilience and strength in the African, bush it would be the rhino. The battle against poaching and the tireless efforts of conservationists have been an ongoing theme for over a decade. 

To celebrate this year’s World Rhino Day, celebrated on 22 September, we share the stories of rhinos at Silvan Safari and the Sabi Sand.

Rhinos at Silvan Safari

Rhinos had been present in the Sabi Sand since its formal formation back in 1948. While you will find both black and white rhinos within the reserve, the latter is far more common.

At Silvan, we’re lucky to have a local crash that often treats our guests to frequent sightings. As with many private lodges and reserves, we do not deny or hide that we have rhinos in our vicinity. However, we do stop short of shouting too loudly about them as a matter of precaution.

Anti-Poaching Efforts in Sabi Sand

Since first drawing significant attention in 2008, the rhino poaching crisis across Africa escalated continuously. As a result, it has become among the most urgent conservation issues of the 21st century.

The Kruger National Park has suffered the most significant scale of poaching anywhere in South Africa. Furthermore, its proximity to the Sabi Sand makes for substantial challenges. However, the anti-poaching units (APU) in the Sabi Sand are among the world’s elite conservation teams and have taken on the challenge. They have a vast array of technology, canine teams on hand, and primed their rapid response squads to prevent poaching attempts within the reserve.

Sabi Sand’s Tiered Approach

The Sabi Sand has taken a tiered approach to address the crisis. The long-term solution is reducing the demand for rhino horns and is essential to the species’ survival. In the medium term, this involves ensuring that neighbouring communities derive tangible benefits from these wildlife areas through the success of ecotourism.

They, therefore, get this from monetary contributions to communities and inclusion in the ecotourism procurement and supply chains. Helping these communities to prosper socially and economically alongside these protected areas is critical, as they are custodians of and dependants on these living resources. Of course, in the short term, vigilant protection on the ground of wildlife is necessary. And this means safeguarding the existing population and supporting growth at a time when endangered species, such as rhino, are being decimated by escalating poaching efforts.

Despite the various challenges they face, the APU based in Sabi Sand has been incredibly successful. While they’re aware that their work never really ends while poaching remains a threat, there are victories to celebrate. The Sabi Sand APU has not lost a single rhino in the reserve in over five years. And this is a truly remarkable feat given the scale of the poaching crisis that South Africa faces!

Silvan’s Contribution to World Rhino Day Causes

rhinos saving rhinos
Join Silvan Safari and Rhino Africa in raising funds for Rhino conservation.

Silvan Safari is proud to be part of Rhino Africa’s “Rhinos Saving Rhinos” fundraising competition from 22 September 2021. The competition aims to raise $100,000 for rhino conservation, and the grand prize winner will enjoy a three-night stay at Silvan Safari and a rhino conservation experience in Zululand. To find out more about how to enter and what you could win, click here.

Come Visit The Rhinos at Silvan Safari

Travlling amid a pandemic might not be the best idea. But scheming about your next great African escape should be at the top of your list.
The travel industry typically feels the effects of a pandemic most of all.

The best way to truly appreciate these incredible creatures is to do so at close quarters. Our dedicated guides and rangers, along with the APU teams in the Sabi Sand, make that a reality. Thanks to their efforts, seeing rhinos at Silvan is something guests can look forward to long into the future.

If you’re ready to start planning your trip to Silvan Safari, contact our Travel Experts today!

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